Serving Mendocino and surrounding communities for over 35 years.​

We are dedicated to simplifying your financial life.


We have a variety of client focused financial services.


Focused on financial data and compliance, ComputAccount maintains accurate payroll, day-to-day financials, accounts payable and receivable, reconciliations and sales tax. Want accurate daily accounting tasks, monthly financial reporting, record payments and adjustments? We are ready to serve you.

Income Tax

Taxes are a huge part of our lives. ComputAccount works with all forms of business: Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Trust, Estate and Non-Profit - just to name a few.

Our Team

We’ve spent 35+ years giving our clients financial peace of mind.

Kathleen Rzeplinski

Owner, E.A.

Kathleen has lived on the Mendocino Coast since 1977 and has been running her own bookkeeping business for over 35 years. After completing…

Linda Mechling

Bookkeeping Expert

Linda Mechling has worked with ComputAccount for 35 years. She is in charge of bookkeeping.

We've got you covered.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with our respected clients over the last 35+ years. The Mendocino Coast offers the best in food, shops, dining and recreation. And we’re proud to call them our clients! 

Why our clients chose us:

We mean business…. your business! We want you to succeed. Payroll, taxes and bookkeeping: We’ve got it covered. 

35+ years working with small businesses.

Spend any time on the Mendocino Coast and chances are you've bought something in a client's shop, or had dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a restaurant where we manage their payroll and various financials.

We're trusted.

See our client testimonials or ask around. We are an integral part of the Mendocino Coast community - and we take that seriously. Our clients are considered family and friends. We're all neighbors and always in this together.

It's easy.

Because we have seen it all before, for over 35 years - we make it easy. We've already found the best way to get it done and we offer the ease and accuracy that comes with it to our clients.


Here’s what our clients say about us:

Best accounting service on the coast. I have had my taxes done there for the past number of years and I love it! The office is amazing, the owner is very good at what she does! I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Super T
Trusted client over 20 years
Excellent! We are very, very happy. The office runs very efficiently and with warmth. These are really nice, very competent people doing their (financial) jobs very well, all the while also being responsive to us as human beings. Highly recommended!
Trusted client over 30 years
I have used ComputAccount for 20 years now. They are very professional and quick to respond to my questions. I highly recommend them for any type of tax and bookkeeping-related issues.
Larry T.
Trusted client over 20 years
My husband and I have enjoyed working with Kathleen since 2014. She is knowledgeable, kind and personable. If you are looking for somebody to help you navigate the daunting task of the tax world look no further. We could not recommend her enough!
New client